Training and Certification Process

For Individual organizations:

There are two Levels of Participation in SFI/PasP. This allows agencies to begin benefiting from SFI resources in the most efficient and immediate way possible. As positive impacts are recognized, participating agencies can readily increase and enhance their participation in SFI/PasP.

Level 1 (Networking) 1 Day of Training

For agencies interested in learning more about SFI. This includes:

  • General information on the research supporting the importance of fathering and co-parenting for family well-being.
  • Participants are led through the process of strengthening Father Friendliness in their agency using the Father Friendliness
  • Organizational Self Assessment (OSA). Preparation for future SFI implementation

Who should attend?

Full agency participation is invited, also community collaborators who might share referrals

Level 2 (Fathers, Couples/Coparenting Groups) 3 Days of Training

Includes Level 1 and offers additionally:

  • Formal training on implementing the fathers and/or couples groups
  • Technical assistance during the first 4 mos.-1 year of implementation
  • Technical assistance in conducting a program evaluation

Who should attend?

All staff who will be implementing the program: Program Director, group leaders, case managers, childcare staff, and (if applicable) data coordinator

For Larger Organizations or Groups of Agencies:

‘Train the Trainers’ model: Three full days of training for your training staff that incorporates Levels 1 and 2 described above for individual agencies. Depending on size, two-four program designers will act as trainers (typically two at a time, rotating within the four designers) for the group learning about implementing the SFI/PasP Curriculum. That would be followed up by three consultation sessions in which potential (new) trainers spend more time with the curriculum and bring in questions for us to respond to and provide further information, as needed. Completion of the training and facilitation of one 16-week group would result in a level 1 trainers’ certification to train others for this program with ongoing supervision. After 3 groups are completed, level 2 certification indicates readiness to train other group facilitators independently with enough experience and live examples to be credible and prepare others for various situations that arise.


May vary on a sliding scale but generally range between $15,000-$30,000 for the complete training, consultation, and evaluation package. Lower fees apply for level 1 Training and small agencies serving underprivileged populations. Hourly rates for additional consultation will be provided. Finally, a percentage cost of providing the training widely and continuously will apply, as negotiated. 

For more information, contact any one of the 4 program developers through our Contact us page.

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