Supporting Father Involvement:

An Evidence Based Program

Many online resources claim that they are devoted to increasing coparenting engagement of fathering partners among the families they serve. Most effective family agencies know it is not easy to embrace such institutional change from within mother-centered programs, and appreciate help in broadening their institutional practices as well as the understanding of their staff, their clients and patients about the benefits to families and practitioners of fathering engagement. Online resources we have found useful for agencies interested in becoming more ‘father/coparent friendly’:

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse– NRFC offers a library of useful statistics and media-savvy materials without cost.

National Fatherhood Institute – A US organization that offers training and materials (both at modest cost) in father engagement, and strengthening of co-parenting through its materials addressed to women. ‘Father Facts’ and their Resource Library help agencies make the case to strengthen partner recruiting.

Fatherhood Institute (UK) – Located in the UK, describes itself as the ‘largest independent think tank on fatherhood’. It offers many print and online resources, and a research library that helps agencies make the case and the changes necessary to make the transition to being more ‘father friendly’.

Parent Lab – A mission-driven site that combines neuroscience and child development expertise to support parents of children 0-12 in meeting parenting and co-parenting challenges. Offers a parenting course and is currently planning to expand internationally to offer couples groups in collaboration with SFI/PasP.

Brazelton Touchpoints Center – A mission-driven non-profit devoted to partnering with agencies and communities to create resilient contexts in which children thrive. Offers resources, work-force training and webinars (many at no cost); recently featured a three webinar series focussing on SFI/PasP.

A Selective List of Organizations That Have Implemented SFI

Alberta SFI

  • Funding Source: Palix Foundation.
  • Family Centre Society of Southern Alberta
    Lethbridge Family Centre
    Contact: Peter Imhof (Executive Director).
  • Cochrane Parent Link Center.
    Contact: Kim Krawec.
    (Click Parenting programs, then Fathers Matter)

California SFI

Connecticut SFI


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